Your position : IMD Control Panel of Washing Machine
IMD Control Panel of Washing Machine
IMD Injection Moulding Products
IMD is that printed film is inlayed in the injection mould, and then inject together.
Injection resin behind the film combines with ink layer. Pattern & logo of the panel
places between film and injection product, and they can not be damaged easily
under the friction. The shape and size can remain stable, more convenient to
assemble, durable.
A wide range of IMD appliances:
Home appliance: rice cooker, washing machine, microwave oven, air conditioner, refrigerator and other decorative control panel;
Electronics industry: MP3, MP4, calculator, VCD, DVD, PDA, digital cameras and other decorative shell, color shell.Automobile industry: instrument panel, air-conditioning panel, interior trim lamp shell
Computer industry: keyboard, mouse and shell, etc.
Communication industry: cell phone shell and keypad, telephone panel, etc.
Other industry: medical equipment, cosmetics box, decorative box, toy, etc.  
IMD Control Panel of Washing Machine
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