Kaiming was founded in 1987. It’s located at Shunde district of Foshan, which is in the centre of Pearl River Delta. At present Kaiming has become one of the large-scale joint ventures in Shunde. Total building area of the company is over 50,000 square meters, and the permanent assets exceed RMB 50,000,000. Kaiming consists of Craft
Craft company specializes in manufacturing Pro-environment heat insulation material of shockproof, heatproof, soundproof, Fireproof polyethylene(PE) foam......>> MORE 

Silicone Cake Mould
Silicone Bakeware and Kitchenware
Product feature:

1) Made of 100% Silicone Material;
2) Durable, non-Stick finish and Dishwasher Safe;
3) Temperature extremes from -40℃ to 230℃;
4) Different color and types are available;
5) customers’ designs are welcome;
6) FDA and LFGB certificate.
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Silicone Bakeware and Kitchenware
Product feature:

1) Made of 100% Silicone Material;
2) Durable, non-Stick finish and Dishwasher Safe;
3) Temperature extremes from -40℃ to 230℃;
4) Different color and types are available;
5) customers’ designs are welcome;
6) FDA and LFGB certificate.
6 Types of Insulating Pipe Support
 Fireproof, Shockproof and Insulating Pipe Support
KAIMING Shockproof and Fireproof Pipe Support for thermal insulating pipeline is a brand-new and useful environment-friendly product independently developed by KAIMING Craft. It consists of metal clip and PEVA copolymer that adopts PE as its main material that adds fire retardants and modifiers. Rigid PEVA copolymer has a large bearing capacity, with shockproof, heat insulation, fireproof and thermal retardation properties. Attached with galvanized metal clip that has been subject to rust prevention treatment, pipe support is not only easy for engineering, but also economical and beautiful, the material can be also recycled, so it’s good and new product in the market.
Superior performance:
KAIMING Shockproof and Fireproof Insulating Pipe Support has been added with fire retardant in itself, and will not burn when it is exposed to fire. It has a superior fireproof performance. Its combustion property has been tested by National Fireproof Building Material Quality & Test Center, and proven to meet Class B1, conform to national standard of GB/T2406-93.
Heat insulation
It has an airtight internal structure, with little air convection. It has very good heat insulating function while subjected to various medium temperature, it’s an ideal modern product.
The material is rigid and strong with soft insulating material lined around its inner diameter, and can effectively resist external shock.
Traditional pipe support is made of wood. Four big trees will be cut to make enough pipe support for a building or a factory. This will lead to serious destruction of forests. Therefore, this invention will greatly contribute to the environment protection. The material of the product can be recycled, and help to keep a nice environment. It’s the best environment-friendly product of the new century.
Long lifetime & hardness
Normally its use lifetime can reach 50 years, it’s the best option of various pipe support; the hard material, strong structure, high density; PE as its main material, the hardness exceeds 95HS, others can not compare.
Different sizes are based on the size of the pipe, easy to install, widely used in HVAC, could storage and cryogenic piping system, etc., customer’s designs are welcome.
Classification of common metal clip and PEVA copolymer:
① U-shaped metal clip      ② Q-shaped metal clip     ③ Ω-shaped metal clip   ④ R-shaped metal clip
⑤ D-shaped PEVA copolymer       ⑥ O-shaped PEVA copolymer   ⑦ R-shaped PEVA copolymer
⑧ Square PEVA copolymer
Classification of common pipe support:
① UD-shaped pipe support      ② QO-shaped pipe support    ③ ΩD-shaped pipe support   ④ R-shaped pipe support
⑤ Square pipe support
Rebounded EVA Foam Sheet
EVA foam can be formed, the shockproof performance is better than PS, EPDM and other traditional packing material, also conform to environmentally friendly requirement, it’s the best option of export products.
Excellent performance:
Water resistance: Closed-cell structure, no water absorption, moisture proof;
Inoxidability: Anti-seawater, grease, acid, salt and other chemical, antibiosis, no smell; innocuity;
Process: Easy to hot press, cut, glue and other process;
Shockproof: High flexibility, resilience, stretching resistance, it has good shockproof function;
Heatproof: Excellent low-temperature-resistant, heat insulation, freezing and insolating resistance;
Soundproof: Closed-cell structure is better for sound absorption;
Environmentally friendly: Discard or combustion does not harm the environment, meet ROHS Standard;
Practicability: Widely used for soles, insoles, sandals, slippers, bicycle tires, toys Wheels, noise barriers, auto parts, gymnastics mats, protective plates, and so on.
EVA Performance Table:



Density Tolerance

Heat Resistance


Max Size











70℃,24h   No exceptional variation








80℃,24h   No exceptional variation






100℃,24h  No exceptional variation



PU Foam Material
Product main features:

This product is in line with California 117 fire test standard, security requirements for the industry.
Environmental \ non-toxic
This product material in full compliance with the EU ROHS (environmental) standards. Non-toxic, environmental protection.
Energy conservation, renewable
Product can recycling and effective energy conservation, protecting the environment.
This product is heat-resistant up to 160 low-temperature stay up to -20. GB1065489 in line with the state test.
This product is good elasticity, texture soft, widely used in the earthquake, noise, packaging, insulation, and other industries, is currently the best choice.  
PE Foam Material
Polyethylene foam (the material PEF), is a full-obturator foam, from low density polyethylene and flame retardant materials such as chemical cross-linking from the second foam It has an ideal thermal insulation material used by all the features, its unique physical and chemical properties of its moisture-proof insulation and other purposes than other insulation materials have Unparalleled advantage.

Product Features

Kaiming PEF insulation materials, in strict accordance with the national GB8624-1997 "Ran burning building performance rating system is" production, and through the construction of Quality Supervision, National Fire Protection Testing Testing Center, in full compliance with the provisions of GB8624-1997 the B1 level of fire protection standards.
Insulation of
Kaiming PEF small thermal conductivity of insulation materials (≤ 0. 0325), can effectively control the temperature of the loss of insulation at the same time the performance will not be extended over time decline.Resistance temperature -120 ℃ to 100 ℃ between the excellent thermal insulation effect of refrigeration and thermal insulation industry to become the first choice.
Environmental \ non-toxic
Kaiming PEF insulation materials made by high-foaming, does not contain PVC or other toxic ingredients, the product reached the national standard, in the course of non-harmful particles and gas production Health is the latest and best green insulation materials.
Weatherability good \ life long
Kaiming PEF insulation material is superior to its anti-aging properties of rubber and polystyrene (PS), polychlorinated triazene (PVC) products such as glass cotton, and its physical properties and stability. Anti-aging And long-term use, the basic physical and chemical properties do not change. For central air-conditioning, plumbing insulation life expectancy of up to more than two decades.
Noise, waterproof, insulated
Kaiming PEF insulation materials used by the high-low density polyethylene foam into a form in itself an independent confined cell structure, a very excellent sound-absorbing, waterproof, separated Thermal features.
Energy conservation, renewable
Kaiming insulation materials material of its material can be recycled repeatedly, effective conservation of energy.
Construction of convenience, aesthetics,
PEF has good flexibility, texture soft, the whole aesthetic appearance, the general need for decoration, and can choose a variety of specifications, construction of convenient and quick installation without too much Supporting layer, simply can quickly cut construction adhesive, a simple and convenient.

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